Ramon Magsaysay award winner and water conservationist Rajendra Singh has said that a selection committee should be constituted to choose the candidates as a part of the electoral reforms mooted by the civil society.

Releasing the manifesto of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) here on Monday, Mr. Singh said that some sweeping reforms should be brought in to the present electoral system, adding that it had been a fight for long time to introduce a selection commission to choose the right candidate, replacing the existing system where parties choose candidates and enforce them on the people.

Water security

While making it clear that he did not belong to any political party, Mr. Singh demanded that all parties include a ‘Water Security Act’ in their manifestos with a special focus on water conservation. Stating that the rivers should stay healthy, he pointed out that delicate ecological balance was being disturbed with perennial rivers becoming dry and polluted.

Mr. Singh categorically stated that he was against the inter-linking of rivers as it would pave the way for corruption and more pollution.

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