Rain that has been lashing the city for the last couple of days under the influence of the North-East monsoon, has thrown normal life out of gear. People had to for most part of the day stay indoors due to rain, which inundated the low-lying areas around Kabela centre, Vurmila Nagar, Currency Nagar, Bhavanipuram, Joji Nagar, Singh Nagar and other places. Students and office-goers faced difficulty in reaching their destinations as there was no respite from rain.  There were traffic interruptions at a few places due to stagnation of rainwater on the roads. Those driving two-wheelers found it hard to pass through pools of water. People waiting for city buses were also inconvenienced by continuous rain.

Commuters and pedestrians had to tread cautiously on the roads due to the imminent danger of them ending up in manholes.

Rain caused interruptions in power supply at some places but there was no big problem. Strike by municipal workers compounded the woes of citizens as garbage was piled up and rain has worsened the situation. Speaking to The Hindu, Sub-Collector D. Hari Chandana said the officials concerned were alerted to meet any eventuality but the situation was not much problematic as on Wednesday.

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