Its family time, says Cong. LS candidate Devineni Avinash

VIJAYAWADA: After digging in their heels in the heat and dust across their constituencies during the month-long campaign period to drum up support in favour of their party, leaders of various political parties are cooling their heals, trying to think positive about the poll outcome.

The canvassing frenzy left little scope and time for the candidates in fray to spare time either for family or for any of their other pursuit. They were busy going around constituencies, meeting and greeting the electorate, educating them at times and entertaining them on most other occasions in their myriad avatars.

The better half of Devineni Avinash, the Congress party’s candidate for Vijayawada Lok Sabha seat, perhaps is among the happiest lot. “After my marriage, I could not spend any time with my wife. My marriage took place on February 14 and the municipal elections that happened almost immediately followed by canvassing for the general elections drained out all my energy. Now, it’s only family and nothing else,” says the young Avinash, who is planning a trip abroad after May 16 when the election result will be announced.

V. Bhanu Prakash, Lok Satta Party candidate for Vijayawada East segment, who was involved in an intensified canvassing, is happy that he finally has some time to get back to exercising and playing soccer. This Texas-returned Assistant Professor, who returned to the city eight months before the elections, took the plunge in politics to contribute his mite in what he says ‘cleaning up the mess’.

“Right now, I can’t say I am relaxing. As we are short of personnel, I may not wind down so soon. There are loose ends to be tied and it would take some time before I can think of having personal time. I would love to spend some time with my mother,” says Mr. Bhanu Prakash.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Vijayawada West candidate P. Venkata Rama Rao is busy nominating booth polling agents for the polling day. “We need to deploy volunteers and seek fresh permission for use of vehicles. These things are keeping my busy at the moment,” he says.


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