The driver claims to have obtained a licence in 1982 from RTA, Tenali, but lost it in the melee after the accident, says DCP

The police are yet to trace the licence of Kotam Raju (50), driver of the vehicle that mowed down three engineering college students and a young doctor and injured five others at Ramavarappadu ring on November 7.

Deputy Commissioner of Police M. Ravi Prakash said that the driver had claimed that he had obtained a licence in 1982 from RTA, Tenali, but had lost it in the melee after the accident.

Manual records

“We have sent the required details to RTA at Tenali and they are verifying it,” he said.

“During 1980s, the systems were not computerised and the authorities have to check the manual records. They are on the job and it will take some time,” he informed The Hindu.

Both the driver Kotam Raju and the owner of the vehicle, N. Ananth Subrahmanyam, who owns Priyasai Agencies, a footwear company, have been arrested and are in judicial custody following investigations.

Questionnaire sent

The DCP also said that a questionnaire has been sent to a medical team for verifying the health problems that Raju had claimed.

Post arrest, he claimed that he has some health problems and blacked out moments before the crash. However, the police believe that he had lost control of the vehicle as he was in a hurry to reach the airport to receive a guest and was not a regular driver, and only a salesman at Priyasai Agencies.

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