People dump garbage in a collection bin set up by municipal corporation

The nameless park located on Baavi Veedhi in Mogalrajpuram speaks volumes of the negligent attitude of the municipal authorities.

The park is not being properly maintained, much to the chagrin of visitors and the residents of the area.

The park is currently not protected by a compound wall or fencing. The fencing that was erected by the municipal authorities is broken and wide open and has become the entry into the park. With no proper fencing, stray dogs gain entry, scaring visitors.

The people dump heaps of rubbish and garbage in front of the park as Vijayawada Municipal Corporation has a dumper bin there.

Shabby look

The park wears a shabby look with no proper play items, benches, and greenery. Strikingly, the flowering plants and trees in abutting houses is the only greenery in the vicinity of park.

The people say even planting hedges could spruce up the park and enliven the surroundings. Had there been a walking track and few beds for flowering plants, the park would have been in better way, they say.

Being situated at the centre of locality, the park is frequented by a number of elderly people, women and children from the neighbourhood.

But it does not interest the children as there are very few play items like slides and merry-go-rounds for their entertainment.

Even they have gathered rust and are not in a usable condition.

Need for repair

“The summer has already set-in. The authorities should have repaired and installed new play items by now,” feels Srikanth, a class VII student, who was playing along with his friends on rusted slide.

An elderly visitor to the park, Ramakrishna Rao says there should be some benches where senior citizens could sit and spend their time.

“The elderly people like me feel that putting up few benches would not only add to the park's beauty but help in resting for a while,” he says.

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