Disaster management is the keyword today with earthquakes, tsunami, drowning or floods having a tell tale impact on the lives of people and Vijayawada Municipal Corporation chose to impart training to degree students in the city to overcome such situations.

At the Patamata Indoor Stadium here, students from Sarada and Nalanda Degree Colleges had a gala time learning various aspects of either saving oneself from a situation or saving a friend or relative during a disaster. The UNDP-GOI Urban Risk Reduction Project in association with National Disaster Response Force gave the training to students from different colleges from September 6 and will continue till September 12.

As part of the drill they were told how to save ourselves during an earthquake, where to stand, how to move out of the house, and they were told ways to exit from an apartment or individual houses.

How to save children and women who did not know swimming was another exercise, in case of a boat capsize or drowning.

They placed a plank on two water empty bottles to use it as a float to which the victim could hold on to till he/she reached the shore.

The VMC Disaster Management Coordinator Usha participated in the training programme along with NDRF Inspector Biplorai who urged the students to make use of the programme to save people in flood situation.

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