None of 22-year-old Lakshmi Devi’s relatives thought she will be able to walk again. They believed only a miracle will cure her. Both her lower limbs were paralysed. And nerves once damaged cannot be repaired.

Belonging to a poor family of Bhavanipuram there was little the relatives could do for the young woman. Fortunately the Smt. Subba Lakshmi Memorial Vijay Orthopaedic and Accident Care hospital offered to help. She came on a stretcher to the hospital, but walked out after the surgery. The hospital performed the surgery free of cost.

The cause of the patient’s condition was a benign tumour in a very crucial location in the spinal cord. According to consulting neuro surgeon Y.V.Ravi Prasad the neurofibroma (benign nerve sheath tumor) was intraspinal (inside the vertebral canal), but extradural (outside the dura mater--outer most layer of the spinal cord). The large tumour that formed between dorsal vertebra nine and ten was just pressing on the spinal cord, but did not damage it fortunately. A delicate surgery was performed to remove the neurofibroma to give the patient a new lease of life. The paralysis slowly disappeared after the surgery and Lakshmi Devi is able to walk normally today. Consulting orthopaedician S.Vijayakumar was in the surgical team.

Free medical camp

A free orthopaedic and neuro surgery camp will be conducted in Ibrahimpatnam for employees of thermal power station on Sunday.

The camp will begin at 10 a.m. and close at 5 p.m.

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