Raparla Vinod Chowdary has come up with ‘Golden Chair,’ an installation art show. The chair symbolises authority, power and influence.

A contemporary artist has chosen a novel medium of art - installation art - to present his views on the present electoral politics centred on power of the ‘Golden Chair.’

Raparla Vinod Chowdary has come up with ‘Golden Chair,’ an installation art show, which was open to public at 6/1 Chandramouli Nagar, besides West Krishna Plaza on Lakshmipuram Main Road.

The ‘Golden Chair,’ is central to art form and is the bone of contention among the major players. It symbolises authority, power and influence.

But the path to ascend the chair is fraught with use of money – in the form of corruption , media - which influence public opinion, and all unethical electoral practices that have been the bane of Indian democracy.

“In fact, you can see that the ‘Golden Chair’ looks rusty, unpolished but still retains the aura associated with power. The chair is 75-years-old and I found that the chair was discarded in a house. I know that the oldest and most respectable member of the family is no more. We need to polish the chair and make it look beautiful. Likewise, we need to cleanse the present system and elect good leaders,” says Vinod Chowdary.

Vinod has draped his single room with newspapers of various kinds - with stories on current affairs. A drapery hangs over the ceiling and runs up to the chair. “The drapery symbolises the power of news media in influencing public opinion. But the news media too has become a tool in the hands of selfish politicians,” says Vinod.

Art critics such as Gridhar Vajjala, praised the new art. ``Vinod’s installation is a statement of dynamics of media and politics centered around power symbolised by the chair,’’ Mr. Gridhar said.

A native of Guntur, Vinod has left school at the age of 12 years to pursue art. In 1988, he moved to Chennai to work in films and since 1990, he has been working on contemporary art. He has just come back from USA where he show cased his art in Rennis Art Gallery at New Jersey.

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