Renovation of the architectural beauty of 1920s is now under way

Idyllic living conditions help peaceful existence of people from different religious practices in Rajpeta area. This peaceful atmosphere of co-existence justifies it to be called ‘Jewel by the sea’ in the port town.

Renovation of Naye Masjid, an architectural beauty of 1920s, is now underway and it is bound to become the most sought-after location for the people in the town in the coming years. Naye Masjid, with two minars, each standing 108 feet tall, has been the sole sacred place for the estimated 700 families belonging to Muslim Sunni sect.

An integral part

Every resident from five streets around it – Rajpeta, Nooruddinpeta, Varregudem, Pathullahbad and the National College Street – need to pass in front of the Masjid everyday as part of their routine. Having a look at the Masjid has become an integral part of the people’s daily lives, irrespective of their religious practices.

“Construction of Masula’s one of the multi-speciality hospitals is on in our area. People from the entire town will appreciate the beauty of the Masjid when they visit the hospital after it goes functional,” feel the Rajpeta residents. The proud locals claim that renowned educational institutions such as The National College and Krishna University were situated in its vicinity.

“Muslim families in Rajpeta area contribute funds for completion of the ongoing beautification and renovation works of the Naye Masjid. However, people from all other religions take pride in having such a structure,” Naye Maszid Committee Secretary Sheik Hussain told The Hindu.

This landmark construction is visible from majority of the areas in the district headquarters town.

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