‘Assigned lands in G. Konduru mandal should be given to poor farmers’

Member of Legislative Council Jalli Wilson has appealed to Krishna District Collector Buddha Prakash Jyothi to pay special attention to all the works in the district in progress and provide a solution immediately.

In a letter written by MLC Jalli Wilson, he detailed about all the pending works to be completed, which include the issue of providing ownership to the people who had been living in the lands near the bridge on the Krishna in the Mopidevi mandal and give the vacant lands in the graveyards of Nuzvid and Annavaram to homeless people for construction of houses.

He also wrote about how unwanted activities were happening in the Government lands and residential areas in Kanimerla of Mylavaram and Poratanagar of Parvathapuram and requested that action must be taken immediately.

The assigned lands in G. Konduru mandal must also be given to the poor farmers for agriculture purposes, wrote Mr. Wilson.

Installation of statues

He made a mention of personal problems of the public in this letter where the MLC requested the Collector to sanction passbook for land owners T. Venkateswara Rao of Savarugudem and G. Raghavamma of Telaprolu. In the case of G. Raghavamma, if the land was needed by the Government then alternate land must be given to her, he wrote.

Mr. Wilson in his letter also asked the Collector to look into the matter of erection of statues of freedom fighter and former Rajya Sabha member D. Nagabhushana Rao and former MLA U. Ramachandra Raju in the land already sanctioned separately.

He also brought to the attention of the Collector that the funds sanctioned as a part of the development programmes of CDP had been put on hold in the Corporation, Panchayat Raj and other departments. He requested the Collector to look into release of that money and pay attention to similar funds in other departments as well.

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