The culture of sending physical greeting cards to friends and relatives is on the wane and is done in some age groups, but children still take a lot of interest in making them and proudly present it their ‘Best Friend’ or parents.

Taking their imagination beyond mundane day-to-day affairs, schoolchildren enthusiastically participated in a ‘New Year Greetings Card’ making competition organised on Sunday morning. About 160 students participated in the competitions organised at the Spoorthy Creative Arts School in SBI Colony in Vijayawada.

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Illustration artist P. Chaitanya gave some tips to the students on making the cards, what and how to draw on them to turn them into attractive pieces of personal messages to the loved ones.

Drawing, model-making and sketching skills play a key role in making greeting cards, though e-mails, social networks and short messaging services over cell phones had eaten into this art.


The winners of the competitions included Munwar Ali Khan (NSM School); S. Jagruth, VPS Public School and Abhinav Sinha of Delhi Public School in the Kindergarten Section. Akshana, P. Srishma Laasya of VPS Public School were winners in the Group B, while winners among those upto 4 Standard were M. Ragini, P. Saaketh (VPS) and Manasa or Nirmala High School.

Winners in the 5 to 10 Standard section were: Garima Yadava (Sri Chaitanya Olympiad); M. Chandana Sri (VPS); D. Mohana (Nirmala); Group: E: Vignatha and Anushka from Sri Chaitanya; and S. Pranathi of Nalanda Vidya Niketan.


Going places with greeting cardsApril 17, 2014

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