Special ‘abhishekams’ were performed to Gangadhareswara Swamy at Datta Peetham in Patamata in Vijayawada on Sunday as part of ‘Maha rudra yagam’.

Temple priests and Vedic scholars performed the rituals such as ‘kalasa sthapana’ and ‘archana’ with ‘maredu dalalu’ to the deity. ‘Mrityunjaya homam’ was also performed at the yagasala. The priests performed ‘ksheeraabhishekam’ in the evening and decorated the ‘Sivalingam’ with ornaments and silver ‘naga padaga’ (serpent hood). ‘Tailabhishekam’ was performed for Dattatreya Swamy as part of Sunday special poojas. Devotees turned up in huge numbers to take part in the Maha Rudra Yagam.

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