Adivasi organisations stage protest against Polavaram project

The protests by the Adivasi organisations against Polavaram project continued unabated in various tribal sub-plan mandals of Bhadrachalam Agency.

Members of the Adivasi Kondareddi Sangham staged a ‘Jala Deeksha’ in Godavari river in the temple town of Bhadrachalam on Thursday. The protesters shouted slogans denouncing the project while standing in knee-deep water in the river.

Sangham founder M. Ramesh, demanded that the Centre should shelve the project to save lakhs of Adivasis from an imminent “manmade calamity.” He called upon Adivasis to rise above their political affiliations to wage a united struggle to stop Polavaram project. In a separate protest, activists of the CPI (ML-New Democracy) and AIKMS staged a Jala Deeksha near Rudramkota in Velerupadu mandal.

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