Summer months may be harsh on people in Vijayawada, but it is the best time ever to savour some of the best fruits available. Most colourful and in different flavours is the King of fruits – Mango. Whether raw or ripe, mango leaves a lingering taste in the mouth. Another colourful fruit is the watermelon with a green outer skin and red inside with a lots of watery sweet juice to keep you really cool even in the hottest summer day like Friday, when the temperature touched 44 Degrees Celsius. Another cool customer is palmera fruit for which people wait for a year to swallow the cool spongy jelly filled with water as soon as the toddy taper cuts the top. Yellowish Cashew fruit again with an unique taste and sometime sticky, is a big hit in the dry upland rural areas and have flooded the Vijayawada market. How can we forget the most sought-after tender coconut with a large reservoir of sweet water and occasionally a jelly-like kernel inside? Coconut flowers are yet another attraction.

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