There appears to be a flurry of activity in the city on the hospitality industry front, as four to five star hotels are likely to open on MG Road in the next six months. The existing players are preparing to face the competition emerging on this commercially vibrant road, even as business opportunities from clients are expected to remain the same as before.

Rajesh Berry, managing director, Hotel D.V. Manor, says that over a decade ago, there was very little that was happening on MG Road in the hospitality industry. But the situation has so dramatically changed over the years that there seems to be no stopping new hotels from coming up and concentrating on this road alone.

“As expected, there will be increased competition. We have to wait to see how hotel business transforms here,” he remarks.

Hotel D.V. Manor pioneered the establishment and development of high class infrastructure in hospitality industry on MG Road when there was no activity. Later, Hotel Fortune Murali Park and The Gateway Hotel joined the race to add glitter to the high street of the city. And, now the hotels that are said to be waiting in the wings are Minerva Grand and one from the Laila group of companies coming up opposite Swaraj Maidan, in the public private partnership with the Department of Tourism. One more top-end hotel is coming up near NTR Circle.

Mr. Berry says these new hotels will add at least 300 rooms to the hotel industry on M.G. Road in the next six to seven months.

The industry observers point out that it is only after the business in jewellery and garments that hotels stand next in terms of creating high class infrastructure to attract customers from far and wide to the city.

Recession or not, jewellery business continued to do well, while the hotel industry is keenly watching the trends to see what is in store for them.

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