Members of the Student JAC shout pro-Samaikyandhra slogans from the shores

Ever since the Samaikyandhra agitation took to the roads, innovation has been the noticeable factor. Each group of Samaikyandhra JAC has tried to outsmart the other through innovative protests and rallies.

Members of the Student JAC led by its convenor Devineni Avinash took to taking out a rally on boats in the Krishna River here on Wednesday.

They engaged over 20 boats, but the police team present at the ghat did not allow the JAC members to board the boats as the river was in spate.

They only allowed Mr. Avinash to board a boat for a brief period.

The members cheered and shouted pro-Samaikyandhra slogans from the shores. “The river is in full flow and we cannot allow the students to take the risk,” said Inspector K. Hanumantha Rao.

At the Malleswari Ghat, Mr. Avinash said that the Student JAC would continue its agitation till the Central government and Congress Working Committee take a U-turn on the decision on the bifurcation of the State.

“We shall not settle down for petty compromises such as making Hyderabad the common capital or union territory. We believe in a united Andhra Pradesh,” he said. The leaders of various political parties should resign immediately and join the JACs to add impetus to the ongoing agitation, he opined.

Patting the members of Student JAC and the students who had gathered at the ghat, he said: “Despite the river being in full flow, the students dared to volunteer for the rally. This shows their resolve in the agitation.”