The cloud burst here on Tuesday morning caught the citizens unawares. College students and office-goers were completely drenched by the sudden rain which was accompanied by thunder.

About 4 c.m. of rain was recorded at the Sub-Collector's office here till evening. Chief Planning Officer Venkateswarlu said that there was a cloud burst in Avanigadda also, but the exact rainfall would be available only on Wednesday morning.

Krishna district receives on an average rainfall of 218.4 mm in July and 185 mm in August. The average daily rainfall in August was 11.5 mm.

Two-wheeler drivers faced difficulty while trying to navigate through streets that were waterlogged in ankle to knee deep water on Pinnamaneni Polyclinic Road, Jemmichettu Centre, Shunabbattila Centre, Kothavanthina Centre, Machavaram Down, areas Krishna Lanka, One Town, Vidyadharapuram, Kabela Centre and the slopes on either side of the tunnel.

The railway low bridge which is under repair was also flooded forcing all vehicle users to take the flyover causing severe congestion at Police Control Room Centre.

Some four-wheel vehicles were forced to stop at some places when water entered their engines causing traffic jams. Life, however, returned to normal after a couple hours, the time required for the water to drain out due to bad maintenance of drains.

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