One would have mistaken if dengue and malaria were the only diseases that strike frequently the slums in the city. Tropical eosinophilia, bronchitis, gastritis are some of the other ailments that were found to be common among the slum dwellers.

Health problems

Of this, tropical eosinophilia is spreading due to mosquitoes.

The Vijayawada chapter of Indian Medical Association (IMA) has been conducting mega medical camps at the slums in the city.

During the camps, the IMA found that 10 to 20 per cent of the people who reported at the camps were found to be suffering from tropical eosinophilia.

It was not just malaria, filarial and dengue that were diseases caused by the mosquitoes. But, the tropical eosinophilia also spreads due to infected mosquitoes.

Tropical jaundice and amoebiasis were other health problems that were cropping up in slums due to poor sanitation and supply of contaminated water.

Most of the people complained of amoebiasis, which is caused due to lack of proper sanitation, says, A.S. Rama Rao, president IMA Vijayawada chapter.

Another lung problem, bronchitis was common among the slum dwellers, who were exposed to pollution. And, one out of every eight patients was suffering from osteo arthritis.

And, men and women, aged between 40 to 50 years, were equally suffering from the osteo arthritis. And, 40 per cent of the women were found to be anaemic.

Iron deficiency, blood loss, improper diet, and frequent deliveries were common features among the women who were anaemic.

The skin diseases like tinea were spreading rapidly among them.

The children were found to be suffering from dyspepsia, while puss in ears were some of the other problems that were identified among the slums, he says.

Dr. Rama Rao says that about 200 to 300 people turned up at the camps conducted by the IMA at places like Ramalingeswara Nagar, Vambay Colony, Durga Puram and Krishnalanka.

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