Inner Wheel Club organises Sravana Lakshmi’ competition at Siddhartha Mahila Kalasala

Girls clad in sarees and half-sarees were a refreshing sight at the Siddhartha Mahila Kalasala (Junior) on Friday.

Dressed up for the ‘Sravana Lakshmi’ competition organised by the Inner Wheel Club, girls could be seen hustling around the college seminar hall with excitement.

Vivacious laughter and chants filled the hall with non-participants equally excited about the competition. The cultural heritage of the State was highlighted through the competition.

Despite this essentially being a Hindu festival, girls from other faiths too were seen enthusiastically participating in the event, which had three rounds before the winners were declared.

The first round was an introduction round, where the participants introduced themselves. Based on the authenticity of their outfit (traditional and properly accessorised), they were filtered down to eight contestants.

These contestants were questioned on some basic trivia related to the festival and goddess Lakshmi.

The winners were declared after the third round, where further personal questions were asked by judges from the Club.

The impromptu dance performances by college students even as the judges deliberated were the highlight of the evening.

Students, both participants and non-participants, got onto the stage and danced to the latest Telugu numbers and the teachers too encouraged them.


P. Ravali was awarded the first place in the competition. B. Sirisha and Shaik Nagurbi bagged second and third places.

Last-minute prizes were given to the eight finalists of the second round after a special trivia questioning round by the judges.

Principal K. Visala, Student Union Committee teachers’ in charge S. Vijaya Lakshmi, G. Aruna Sri, J. Anitha, and members of the Inner Wheel Club were present.

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