Teams will visit factories, construction sites, garages, and business establishments to verify registrations and enlighten the beneficiaries

Officials of the Labour Department launched a month-long publicity drive to create awareness among the workers and labourers on the welfare schemes being implemented by the government.

Assistant Commissioner of Labour (ACL) D. Anjaneya Reddy inaugurated the drive at Labour Department office, located in Patamata, on Saturday. Three teams headed by one ACL and five Assistant Labour Officers each would launch publicity on labour welfare schemes in three vehicles in the district, he said.

Mr. Reddy said the A.P. Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Board and the Andhra Pradesh Labour Welfare Board have introduced several welfare schemes for the benefit of workers and labours working in shops, factories, construction and other establishments.

Giving the details of the benefits, the ACL said the government would provide financial assistance for taking treatment for cancer, kidney, heart, paralysis and other diseases. Government is also extending help for marriage, maternity, natural and accidental deaths and for injured workers at the work spot. Scholarships are being sanctioned for children of the labourers, he said.

Skill development

To improve the skills of the technicians, the government is organising a 40-day training in electrician, plumber, mason and other trades. The next batch training would begin from May 27, and labourers are requested to enrol their names for training. About 1.5 lakh labourers were registered under the A.P. Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Board and nearly 75,000 labours were enrolled under A.P. Labour Welfare Board in Krishna district, said Mr. Anjaneya Reddy.

The teams will visit the factories, construction sites, garages and the business establishments verify registrations and enlighten the beneficiaries on the welfare schemes introduced for labourers, women and their children, and insist for payment of labour welfare by the establishment owners, he said.

ACLs K. Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, P. Srinivasa Rao and M. Sunitha and officers of various divisions participated.

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