Lovely Pair Ramp Walk is the main attraction of the programme

Day-long dancing, ramp walk, display of talent of every kind, bringing out nuances of family relations, turned out to be an enjoyable day out for many youth and their parents on the Fathers' Day at the A-1 Convention Centre in the city.

Girls and boys in large numbers turned up in their best to compete in the host of competitions christened with some attractive words for the youth and their elders.

Naming the competitions ‘Lovely Pairs Hangama' the organisers Lovely Pairs Kitty doled out a perfect family entertainment for the Vijayawada fun-loving people, who had been waiting for such an event where people of all groups could participate and appreciate others' talent.

The largest indoor venue was jam-packed and the non-stop entertainment began soon after lunch hour and continued late into the night on Sunday in the heart of the city.

Lovely Pair Ramp Walk was the main attraction in which majority of the pairs dressed in traditional outfits and some in the modern clothes proving their skills in dressing and showing their levels of confidence.

Some of the other competitions, included ‘Lovely Chalaki Chandramukhi', Lovely Raju Rani Jockey Hangama, Lovely Moguds-Pellams Hangama, Lovely Electrifying Youth Hangama, at which girls and boys vied with one another to show their dancing skills to the popular numbers from Bollywood and Tollywood.

Organiser Madhubabu said for the first-ever event of this kind to be organised in the city, they had not expected such a large crowd, but were very happy at the turnout and promised to improve upon the different kind of entertainment programmes and competitions so that there was more qualitative performance and entertainment for the others.

Spot gifts for some of the questions asked by anchors regularly seen on TV channels enthused participants to remain glued to their seats. Part of the proceedings from the show would be utilised in the charity work, said Mr. Madhubabu.

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