Manoeuvring a vehicle into the seventh lane of Siddhartha Nagar has become a difficult task , with a long electric pole towering on one side and a huge gutter with a broken slab on the other side hindering movement.

With the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation officials unaware of the problem, the people who use the road on a daily basis have tried to adapt to the appalling road conditions but at the same time are concerned over the safety of their kids.

Padma, an employee in Parvathaneni Marriage Bureau situated on the street, says when it rains it becomes even more dangerous as the roads are flooded with knee-deep water because of the faulty drainage system. There is absolutely no visibility at the junction due to absence of streetlights and the gutters turn dangerous with the overflow of drain water, she said.

“We were unaware of this situation till now, but now that we know about it we will try to look into finding a solution for the problem”, assured VMC Executive Engineer Chowdhary when contacted by The Hindu.

The cement slab, a cover for the water valve below, had broken five days ago yet it remains in the same state. The narrowness at the opening of the road turning creates a lot of traffic problems especially when it rains, said Gopi, a fruit vendor from the area. The main road gets flooded even with a drizzle, so people are forced to use these smaller lanes but with such conditions they face a lot of problems, he added.

Another employee of the marriage bureau Rama accepts that the leak in the valve of water line was very useful particularly for all the Lambadi people living nearby with the lack of a public municipal tap.

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