All arrangements are in place for the 122nd Urs celebrations of Sri Hazrath Kale Mastan Shavali Dargah which will begin from May 16 on the dargah premises on GT Road, said Ravi Rammohan Rao, trustee of the dargah.

Over the years, the celebrations have been a symbol of communal harmony with families joining in worship at the dargah. The highlight of the three-day celebrations is a colourful procession called ‘Chandal’ by Fakirs who walk through the main roads of the town. The procession starts at 11 p.m. on Friday from an old house, in which the Baba was stated to have lived during his times. Accompanied by folk artistes, the Fakirs will begin the procession after offering prayers at the Holy Chair in Kannavarithota. They reach the dargah and offer prayers at the Holy Cot.

The day begins with devotees applying Chandini (sandal paste) on the mausoleum of the Baba at 3 a.m. On the next day, the sandal paste would be distributed among the devotees.

Many tales abound about the Baba and his mercurial powers. It is said that Babu used to walk with torn clothes and with a stick. A horse, a goat, a dog and a hen used to give him company.

One day, the Baba found that the hen was missing and heard that it was killed. But Baba was not perturbed and he reached to the home where the curry was being cooked. As the Baba uttered ‘Bho Bho’ the hen walked out of the curry pot and the people were astounded by the miracle.

The dargah had been a popular destination for the sick, the childless and the destitute .

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