The wagons have higher capacity axle load of 25 tonnes

Two prototype wagons-BOXN 25M and BLC 25M-manufactured by Golden Rock Railway Workshop (GOC) have been sent for oscillation trials to the railway workshop, Kota.

The work was entrusted to the GOC by Research Design and Standards Organisation, Ministry of Railways. These wagons with higher capacity axle load of 25 tonnes have been provided with swing motion bogies, P.Mahesh, Chief Workshop Manager, GOC, Tiruchi, said on Thursday, during the 63 Republic Day celebration. Likewise, the second NMR steam loco was ready for trial run and likely to be despatched during this month-end.

Railway Board's order for manufacture of 50 bogie frameless tank wagons was expected to be completed by March 2012. Known as BTFLN, the unique type of tank wagon is without full structure of underframe throughout the length of the barrel.

Of the 20 additional locomotives that the Railway Board sanctioned under Rolling Stock Programme, six have been completed in the current year. The GOC was also overhauling and rehabilitating locomotives for public and private sectors, Mr.Mahesh said.

Presently, four MG in service surplus locos are undergoing conversion works for export to Myanmar.

These locomotives have been incorporated with special features such as twin beam headlight, LED type classification light, ergonomically designed sleek control stand, roof mounted cabin fan, stainless steel perforated roof sheet, and flush type cabin nose compartment door. The GOC has earned Rs.44.60 crore as foreign exchange. Seventeen more similar locomotives have to be supplied to RITES Ltd., for export to Myanmar, Mr. Mahesh said.

The Rs.217 crore order for 1,000 BLC wagons placed by CONCOR on GOC will enhance earning and provide additional workload to staff, he added.

The 85-year-old workshop, he said, was the first in the country to obtain ISO 9001 certification in Quality Management System. Similarly, the Railway Repair Workshop at GOC was the first to achieve ISO 14001 certification in Environment Management System. The GOC also achieved Integrated Management System including OHSAS 18001 during 2011, said Mr. Mahesh.