Unauthorised homes will be closed by DCPU if they fail to register under the Juvenile Justice Act

Unauthorised children’s homes operating in the city will be closed by the District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) if they fail to register themselves under the Juvenile Justice Act within six months.

“There are a total of 65 homes for children in the city, out of which only 35 are registered,” said R.Devika, District Child Protection Officer, on Sunday.

Ms.Devika said that the modalities of shutting down such unauthorised units and ensuring proper care for children under them are being worked out.

“DCPU officials along with CWC (Child Welfare Committee) members and child protection officers in police stations would form a team and work towards the objective,” she said.

The proposal is likely to be implemented soon.

“The 30 unlicensed centres have been given six months time for registering under JJ (Juvenile Justice) Act,” said G.Indira, chairman, CWC.

“The problem is that many of the people who run these children’s homes are not aware of the provisions of the Juvenile Justice Act and the mandatory registration requirement under the Act .

They form a trust to care and support children, but don’t have the experience and awareness,” said S.Thiyagarajan, co-ordinator, Childline Nodal Organisation, Department of Social Work, Bishop Heber College.

After they were explained about the child protection policies, many of these homes have come forward to register themselves.