A group of about 40 farmers from Ganjam district of Orissa underwent a training programme in fertigation methods at the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University's Anbil Dharmalingam Agricultural College and Research Institute here recently. The farmers were exposed to various fertigation equipment and techniques and scheduling for various crops such as banana, sugarcane, brinjal, bhendi, cabbage, cauliflower, groundnut, snake gourd and cotton.

G.Kathiresan, Dean of the institute, emphasised the important role played by fertigation, which involves application of fertilizers along with irrigation water through drip and micro sprinkler irrigation systems, in increasing yield and quality in different crops.

He explained the various types of fertigation.

Adoption of proper fertigation techniques could contribute to an improvement in yield by up to 100 per cent in crops such as banana, sugarcane and tomato.

Farmers were also trained by S.Somasundaram, Assistant Professor (agronomy), on preparation of stock solution and trouble shooting in fertigation technology.


They were briefed on the use of different water soluble fertilizers such as potassium nitrate and mono ammonium phosphate.

T.Irao Patno, coordinator of the farmers from Orrisa, observed that the farmers had picked up useful techniques for being replicated in their farms back home.

S.Avudaithai, Associate Professor (Agronomy) and other faculty members were also involved in the training.