Steps for checking the incidence of epidemics during the forthcoming monsoon were discussed at an official co-ordination meeting held here on Thursday.

The District Collector, A. Suganthi, who presided over the meeting, advised the officials to take preventive measures against the incidence of epidemics. She asked the officials to list out the temple festivals to be held between October and January and asked the Revenue and Rural Development officials to ensure public hygiene.

She also explained the emergency management techniques to be followed in case of outbreak of any epidemic. Drugs and vaccines should be stocked at all the primary health centres and Taluk Hospitals for immediate clinical assistance to the needy.

Explaining the role of students in ensuring hygiene, Ms. Suganthi advised T. Hariharah, Chief Educational Officer, to sensitise students to the importance of prevention of epidemics by organising awareness campaigns in schools. The Block Development Officers should immediately inform the health officials of any incidence of epidemic.

S. Bavani Umadevi and I. Ravindran, both Deputy Directors of Health; R. Chandrasekaran, Personal Assistant (Panchayat Development) were among those who participated.