About 1,576 outpatients visit hospital every day

A Rs.13.90-crore proposal has been submitted by the district administration to the government for upgrading the district headquarters hospital.


District Collector P.Senthilkumar told The Hindu on Friday that though the taluk hospital in Ariyalur was designated as district headquarters hospital as soon as the district came into being a few years ago, it does not have the full-fledged infrastructure befitting a district headquarters hospital .

About 1,576 outpatients visit the hospital every day. “Hence I requested the Chief Minister in this regard at the Collectors' conference for which she immediately gave blanket approval,” he added.

Now the hospital has only 134 beds, 20 doctors, and 39 staff nurses.

“We are seeking to upgrade it to a hospital with 300 beds, 79 doctors, and 306 staff nurses. While the proposed building alone would cost Rs.6 crore, equipment are estimated to cost Rs.7.9 crore.”

Despite being the district headquarters hospital, it does not have specialities. “We are seeking specialities such as ENT, pulmonology, forensic medicine, pathology and microbiology. Of that pulmonology is the most important as silicosis is common in the district which has about 10 cement factories” .

The Collector pointed out that already a building had been constructed at a cost of Rs.10 lakhs for the blood bank. However, it requires some equipment which would cost Rs.5 lakhs. “We have requested the State government in this regard too.”

Explaining on the need for a blood bank , Mr.Senthilkumar said that three National Highways pass through the district and hence there are a number of road accidents. Besides, due to non-availability of blood a number of patients, including those who would like to undergo surgery, have to be referred to other hospitals.

The Collector said he would like to approach the government for hi-tech equipment such as MRI scan as their non-availability in the government hospitals help private sector fleece patients.