A new testing track is being laid at the office of the Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Tiruchi. It will have the facility to carry out two-wheeler, four wheeler and heavy vehicles testing.

The new track is being established on a total area of 2,400 square metres after the earlier low-lying track suffered considerable damage due to water stagnation in the aftermath of the rains.

In order to avoid the problem of water stagnation at the testing track, steps have been taken to raise the track level by about four feet. The earth filling work was over and the new track with road signs and markings is expected to be ready in a month’s time.

Nine types of testing could be done at the new track including Three point turns, ‘U’ turns, ‘S’ turns, Right turns and vehicle balance tests. A shed will be constructed close to the track from where the Motor Vehicle Inspector would monitor driving skills before issue of licences. There will be separate tracks for two wheelers, four wheelers and heavy vehicles with curves, speed breakers and slopes.

The Transport Department authorities told The Hindu that a sum of Rs. 112 lakh had been sanctioned for laying the new testing track as well as for the construction of a compound wall around the RTO, Tiruchi, which also houses the office of the Deputy Transport Commissioner, Tiruchi Zone.

A senior official said the RTO, Tiruchi alone issued 100 to 120 Learner’s Licence and about 80 fresh licences every day. Information regarding the number of fresh licences issued, issue of permits, registration of new vehicles and fees collected were being sent online every day from the RTO Tiruchi to the Office of the Transport Commissioner at Chennai, the official added.