They have come from all over India. They will be here at the Periyar Maniammai University till October 12. By the time they return home, the National Integration Camp, to which they are a part now, would have made them discover India, understand its culture, languages, and habits.

The camp, organised by the Four Tamil Nadu Girls Battalion NCC, Tiruchi, under the aegis of NCC Group Headquarters, Tiruchi, is for senior wing, senior division, junior wing, junior division cadets of NCC from sixteen NCC Directorates in the country.

In his opening remarks at the camp on Tuesday, Col.S.Ved Nayagam, Group Commander, NCC Group Headquarters, Tiruchi, said that National Integration Camp of NCC is different from other camps as it promotes the spirit of national integration and solidarity amongst NCC cadets by providing them opportunity for community living through working with cadets of other states, and fostering better understanding of their custom and tradition.

‘The camp facilitates cross mixing of cultures and enhances spirit of brotherhood among cadets. The participants get to know each other. Even food habits in the country vary from State to State and the cadets are exposed to multi-cuisine menu,' Col.Ved Nayagam explained.

A total of 664 cadets from Jammu and Kashmir to Tamil Nadu participate in the camp. Talks, discussions, debates highlighting the spirit of ‘Unity in Diversity' will form part of the camp. The camp will also inculcate a spirit of adventure and help in developing leadership quality. Ved Nayagam also said, "we insist on discipline, integrity, team spirit and dignity of labour in the camp."

Gayathri and Vanitha, NCC cadets from a school in Palani said that they are happy to attend the camp. "We have attended other camps at Usilampatti but this is the first time we are taking part in a National Integration Camp. This will be of more use to us and it provides lot of opportunities for us to learn and expose our talents," they said. Nilofer Nisha, NCC cadet from St. Joseph's Higher Secondary School, Tuticorin, said that NCC helped her to be active and disciplined and gave her confidence.

Col.P.K.Thomas, Commander of the camp, Captain Rehana Parvin, Adjutant of the camp, were present.