Panguni car festival began with flag hoisting at Srinivasa Perumal Temple at Nachiyarkoil near Kumbakonam on Saturday.

White flag with the image of Kal Garudan (Garudan made of single stone) was hoisted amidst chanting of mantras and playing of Nadaswaram.

Hundreds of people witnessed the flag hoisting. Highlights of the 10-day festival are Kal Garuda Sevai on March 11 and car festival on March 17.

It is said that Kal Garudan made of single stone in this temple will be light when four persons can carry from the place where it is kept in the temple. As it moves, its weight is said to increase and eight, 16 and 32 persons have to carry at different stages to bring it outside. Similarly, when it enters its weight is said to decrease and finally four persons can place it in its place.

Kal Garuda Sevai occurs two times in the temple in an year. One is during Margazhi and another during Panguni.

Consort of Srinivasa Perumal in this temple is Vanjulavalli Thayar. Both Perumal and Thayar are in standing posture at the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. There is no separate sannidhi for Thayar in this temple. This is the 20th of the 108 Srivaishnava divya desams and 14th of the 40 Chola Nattu Tirupatis. Thirumangai Alwar has composred 100 pasurams as Mangalasasanam for this shrine.