Water released from Mettur dam reached Mukkombu (Upper Anicut) by around 6 p.m. on Monday, raising the hope of the officials in solving the drinking water problem prevailing in different parts of the city and its suburbs.

The water is expected to reach Tiruchi city, by travelling a distance of 10 km, by around noon or by late evening on Tuesday, according to Public Works Department sources. As the inflow from Mettur remains a steady 3,000 cusecs, officials are hopeful of ensuring adequate water for the forthcoming Adiperukku festival. They are also confident of having adequate water for irrigation if the situation stabilised in course of time.

It takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the waters to cross a length of about one meter indicating the dry nature of the Cauvery bed.

It was a joy for the residents of the villages enroute to see water flowing down the Cauvery after many months.