A medical team of Government Headquarters Hospital here fought a six hour battle to save a 27-year-old housewife and her new born recently.

Kodiyarasi, wife of Veeramuthu of Siluppanur village in Senthurai block, gave birth to a baby at the government hospital in Thittakudi on October 24. After the delivery, her condition deteriorated followed by excessive bleeding.

Any amount of clinical assistance proved to be inadequate. She was referred to the Government headquarters hospital here.

A team of doctors here resolved every challenge. She was in such a bad condition, that the doctors found it difficult to ascertain even her pulse rate. Another challenge was finding donors for her rare AB positive blood group. “Timely supply of the blood by five students of Thanthai Hans Roever College and Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College came to Kodiyarasi's rescue during the golden hour,” said G. Gunagomathi, joint director of Health and Rural Services, who examined her at the hospital on Wednesday.

Though the pulse rate and the blood pressure stabilised satisfactorily after administering five units of blood, the team of doctors was surprised over the continuous bleeding. The team instantly decided to remove her uterus as a lasting solution to save Kodiyarasi.

The timely surgery saved the mother by arresting the problem caused by bleeding. Dr. Gunagomathi commended the efforts of doctors Priya Vasanthakumari, N. Raja, R. Raja and C. Saravanan, and para medical staff in saving her.

Dr. Gunagomathi said acute anaemia was the cause for Kodiyarasi developing such a serious trouble. This was her fourth child and the critical condition could have been well avoided, had she adopted family planning norms, she said.