A large number of Muslims from across the district participated in the special prayers for rainfall – Namaz-e-Istisqa – held at the Tennur Uzhavar Santhai ground in the city on Sunday morning.

The prayer was organised by the Tiruchi and Karur district Jamathul Ulama Sabai.

The prayer was also to seek God's pardon for the sins committed knowingly or unknowingly by the people.

Mufti A. Mohammad Roohul Haq Rashadi Kazimi, principal, JAU Arabic College, and president of the Jamathul Ulama Sabai, led the prayers. Later addressing the congregation, he said that in the fight with nature there is only one way out. That is to bend down before the almighty.

Seeking pardon

Offering special prayers to seek the pardon of Allah to overcome natural calamities such as drought was based on the principles and teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

The prayer was traditionally offered by the Prophet during times of drought. “Muslims are following in the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad, who would pray for rain in Makkah, whenever there was a delay in the onset of rainy season.”

Mufti Roohul Haq said that the State is witnessing its worst drought in many decades, which has hit people across society.

The Jamathul Ulama had also organised similar prayers during drought conditions in different parts of the State in the past.

At the end, a special dua was recited for rainfall, religious harmony, and national integration.

Moulvi S. Mohammad Meeran Misbahi, secretary of the Sabai, Moulvi K.A. Mohammad Hussain, treasurer, and members of various political and Muslim organisations participated.


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