As part of centenary celebrations of the Pudukottai municipality, streetlights in the town will be replaced with heritage-style lamps.

The municipality has identified 196 places in the town where the new streetlights will be installed at an outlay of Rs.1 crore.

Of them, 66 poles will be on heritage lines, says S.A. Sait, Municipal Chairman (in-charge).

He pointed out that the heritage-style lamps would be atop the specially designed cast-iron poles and it would be aligned on the New Palace Road and South Main Street.

The height of the pole will be six metres and special ornamental lights would be fitted on the poles.

Mr. Sait said that the municipality would utilise LED lights at important places such as East Main street, South Main Street and the area in the vicinity of the Anna statue, so as to beautify the town with illumination.

In all, 134 LED lamps would be set up at these places.

The work would be completed shortly, he added. J. Subramanian, Municipal Commissioner (in-charge) said that the design of the lights would be an attraction for the residents.