S. Shyam of Ragunath Bakers has introduced ‘American shape cake’, ‘fondant cake’, and ‘metallic fondant cake’.

Bakery owners in the city have left no stone unturned in attracting customers on the eve of New Year. Vying with one another, they have been making their best to bring in innovation in their produce, of course, at affordable prices.

Attractive design, mouth-watering flavour, and child-friendly decoration are some of the methods adopted by them.

“We have designed 150 cakes which can be broadly classified into three categories,” says S. Shyam of Ragunath Bakers, who has introduced ‘American shape cake’, ‘fondant cake’, and ‘metallic fondant cake’.

To attract children, toys teddy bear, cows, and goats have been incorporated in the design. Ranging from Rs. 210 to Rs. 6,000, the cakes cater to the needs and taste of all types of people, he adds.

Another dealer, M. Raja, proprietor of Bangalore Iyengar's Bakery, at Periya Milaguparai, says the purchasing capacity of consumers is most important to him.

He produces and sells low-priced cakes, which are most sought-after during New Year.

Plum cakes

Customers prefer packed plum cakes and New Year's day cake.

The price per kg ranges between Rs. 200 and Rs. 240.