Tamilaga Eri Matrum Aatrupasana Vivasayigal Sangam, while welcoming the announcement of the Chief Minister on the procurement price for sugarcane, has pleaded that it should be enhanced to Rs.2,500 a tonne.

In a statement here, State president of the association P.Viswanathan, said that AIADMK had promised in its manifesto that it would fix Rs.2,500 a tonne for sugarrcane if elected to power.

But, all it fixed during 2011-12 was only Rs.2,100. While cane farmers had been clamouring for Rs.3,000, the State government had fixed only Rs.2,350. “Though this does not give cent per cent satisfaction, it gives a measure of happiness and satisfaction,” he added.

Though the State government announced Rs.2100 for 2011-12, sugar mills did not bother to implement it for three months saying that they had not received the Government Order.

Hence, he appealed to the State government to enforce its announcement by sending the order to the mills immediately.

Mr.Viswanathan pointed out that due to lack of water in the Cauvery and the acute scarcity of three-phase power supply, it would be impossible for the farmers to raise sugarcane and get a yield of 40 tonnes an acre.

“We trusted that we would be given Rs.2,500 a tonne last year, but it has not happened . If the State gives at least Rs.2,500 a tonne now, we would be happy,” he added.