Dhaba food festival open till tomorrow; dinner buffet priced at Rs. 550

Sample succulent kebabs, soft rotis, naans, aromatic biryanis, tasty pulaos, curries, halwas and more, prepared in traditional Punjabi style complete the sights and sounds of a dhaba, at Dhaba Food Festival being held at Hotel Sangam. The festival is on from 7.30 p.m to 10.30 p.m till August 15. The dinner buffet is priced at Rs. 550 plus taxes.

The buffet comprises a welcome drink, vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters, soups, tandoori dishes, main course, and several desserts as well.

There is also a live counter to prepare piping hot kebabs and tikkis as per patrons’ preferences. Each day’s menu is different, making it an interesting experience for foodies. Over 15 varieties of dishes, eight or nine kinds of salads, and 10 types of desserts will be available each day.

Waiters dressed in sherwanis greet connoisseurs as they enter and direct them to their desired table where they can sample delicacies from rural Punjab as they enjoy the peppy Punjabi numbers playing in the background.

The aroma of the authentic looking and tasting dishes invigorates the senses and has one asking for more. Tuesday’s menu featured the famous sarson da saag, badam ki thandai, baigan ka bharta, murgh dhaniya adraki, murgh lassoni kaba, and moong dal halwa among others. Dhaba food festival is aimed at those who want to get a taste of the Punjabi food, according to K. Prasanna Rao, assistant food and beverage manager, Sangam hotels.