Farmers of Cauvery delta districts welcomed the Rs. 69-crore package announced by the Chief Minister to save the samba paddy. However, they said it should be implemented in letter and spirit.

S. Ranganathan, secretary of the Cauvery Delta Farmers Welfare Association, said “we wholeheartedly welcome the package, particularly the insurance benefit in which the government has decidedto pay the crop insurance premium of Rs. 30 crore for the delta farmers”. By the insurance cover, a farmer will get a compensation of Rs. 8,692 an acre.

With respect to providing three-phase electricity supply to agriculture pumpsets for 12 hours daily up to February 2013, the government should ensure proper supply without giving scope for farmers to complain.

V. Jeevakumar, a farmer of Budalur, welcoming the insurance cover, expressed reservations about the 12-hour power supply. Previously also the government announced this but supply was given only for two hours in the day time and two hours in night time.

D. Pandian, CPI State secretary, who was in Thanjavur, also wanted the government to implement the package in letter and spirit.