A group of Dalits of Mullainagar near Somarasampettai on the outskirts of the city have urged the district administration to take action against people of other castes for allegedly ostracising them.

While the Dalit Colony is located in Mullai Nagar, people from other caste live in Mullikarumbur. “We have been threatened not to come to the bus stop or reach the ration shop at Mullikarumbur, where people of other caste lived,” said the people of the village who submitted a petition to the Collector here on Monday.

According to the petition, which was submitted in the name of Mallar Naadu Mallar Kazhagam, the issue, which had been brewing for the past few days, took an ugly turn on Saturday, when people from other caste attacked four Dalits irked over the presence of a few Dalits at the bus stop in the village. They fled the scene after the attack.

Based on a complaint, the police have secured a few persons in connection with the incident. “Assuming that the issue had been resolved on Saturday, we resumed our daily routine, only to be threatened of dire consequences if we tried to reach the fair price shop,” said Kasturi, who was forced to return home.

The people of the village, numbering a little over 150, gathered at the Collectorarte shortly after a group of Dalit women, who came from Mullai Nagar to the ration shop, was reportedly threatened against entering Mullikarumbur.