For households in Puthur and Woraiyur areas

The Tiruchi Corporation on Friday began the process of providing drinking water connections for houses that are to be fed by eight new overhead drinking water tanks (OHTs) in K.Abishekapuram zone constructed under the Rs.221.42 crore drinking water augmentation scheme in the city.

The Corporation had recently completed works on connecting the pumping mains of the new drinking water supply augmentation scheme to provide supply to new OHTs in the Puthur and Woraiyur areas from the scheme’s collector wells at Coleroon River.

Though the new water scheme is still under implementation, the Corporation has begun pumping water from the collector wells of the scheme on a trial basis to some parts of the city.

Corporation Commissioner V.P.Thandapani, while speaking at the Corporation Council meeting on Thursday, had said that the Corporation would begin issuing new house connections from eight OHTs. A minimum of 200 connections would be provided from each of the tanks and the task could be completed by December.

On Friday, the Corporation began conducting special camps in the areas to receive applications from residents for getting the water connections. The new connections would be provided to residents around the Mangalam Nagar, Selvam Nagar, Fathima Nagar, Woraiyur, Balan Nagar, Rainbow Nagar, Fathima Nagar and Bharathi Nagar.

The special camps began at Ammaiyappa Nagar in ward 52 and at Kodappu ration shop for Selvam Nagar and Rainbow Nagar residents in ward 53. Similar camps would be held in other areas also in the coming days.

Residents seeking new water connections would have to pay a deposit of Rs.3,000 besides the centage charge for laying the connections from the distribution mains on the roads to the houses. A corporation engineer said notices would be issued to households that do not have water connections in the areas.