LAW AND ORDER: Movement of shoppers and others are being closely monitored at the outpost set up near Teppakulam junction, writes R.Krishnamoorthy

“Better avoid risking crime. You are under constant surveillance of cameras.” Directed at wannabe criminals, this tough message delivered in Tamil keeps blaring repeatedly over the public address system in the busy commercial areas of the city.

Knowing full well that criminals choose to strike at crowded spots, city police have brought under surveillance critical spots where congestion peaks in the festival season. Surveillance is being carried out all along the commercial stretch of NSB road through dome cameras established at the entrance of Uchipillayar Temple, in the vicinity of Sarathas and Mangal and Mangal, and Teppakulam junction. A fourth was being installed for monitoring the Singarathope commercial stretch. Movement of shoppers and others are closely examined at the outpost set up near Teppakulam junction, police sources said.

The surveillance is complemented by watch towers from where police personnel keep a close eye on the moving crowd with binoculars. With crowds peaking, men in Khaki are also making their presence felt. So far, visible policing in the run-up to Deepavali seems to have created the desired impact. The optimal deployment of police personnel at vantage points has had a deterrent effect. By preventing entry of vehicles into commercial avenues that witness surging crowds, police find it easier to fix attention on individuals moving about in suspicious manner.

The arrangement is such that criminals after committing their act cannot flee the scene by penetrating the layers of security. Police presence will go up further from November 10 onwards. Four Assistant Commissioners, five Inspectors, and around 300 constables will be on duty, including traffic regulation, police sources said.

Meanwhile, the police have sought the cooperation of the public in complying with the Supreme Court order prohibiting bursting of crackers from 10.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m. Also, the noise of crackers should not exceed 90 decibels, Shailesh Kumar Yadav, Commissioner of Police, instructed the public in a communication to media.

The communiqué also prohibited bursting of crackers and lighting of rockets near slums, apartments, fuel stations, cracker godowns/ shops, and near livestock. It forbade the public from bursting crackers like ‘atom bomb’, and warned that violation of instructions will attract legal action under IPC sections and Pollution Control Act.