It will be Rs.360 per head for international passengers

Collection of user development fee from passengers flying out of the Tiruchi Airport began here, on Tuesday.

The fee for international passengers flying out of the airport has been fixed at Rs.360 per head and for domestic passengers it will be Rs.150 per head. The fee would be levied only on outgoing passengers. The imposition of the fee follows the commissioning of the state-of-the-art terminal by the Airports Authority of India (AAI).

The fee, which includes service tax and collection charges, will be in force for 10 years. Four special counters have been set up to collect the fee from passengers who have booked tickets in advance, before the fee was incorporated in the air tickets.

Infants, diplomatic passport holders, airline crew on duty, persons travelling on official duty on aircrafts operated by the Indian armed forces, transit/transfer passengers (with less than six hours of stay at the airport) and passengers departing from the airport due to involuntary re-routing owing to technical problems or weather conditions are exempted from the fee.