All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA) will organise road roko agitation at various places in the state on May 20, to protest against power cut and problems in getting drinking water and new ration cards said U. Vasuki, its State general secretary here on Thursday.

She told presspersons that a resolution to this effect was adopted at the state council meeting held here on Wednesday and Thursday. She said that frequent power cuts had affected all sections of people in the state ie farmers, industries, students etc.

Gap in generation and demand to the tune of 4000 Mwt is said to be the reason for the power cut. But then the gap can be bridged by procuring power from other states and stepping up generation in the long run.

With respect to drinking water, through the Deputy Chief Minister M.K.Stalin has announced in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly that combined water schemes will be taken up in ten districts, it can help only when completed. At present there is acute water shortage at many places. With respect to new ration cards, there are lot of problems in getting them.

Woman living single are not given the cards. They only require a card more than other people. However the government has been saying that new ration cards will be given within a fortnight after applying for the card.

She also appealed to the central Government to pass the women reservation bill providing for 33 per cent reservation in state assemblies and parliament in the Lok Sabha in this session itself.

With respect to reservation for Muslim women, Vasuki said that it could be brought through other means and not by delaying the passage of the bill. We accept the fact that there is no proper representation for Muslim women. But then it can be ensured by amending the constitution.

Nuclear Liability Bill should be introduced by making some amendments. Countries and companies supplying nuclear reactors should take more responsibility in terms of finance for payment of compensation to victims in case of accidents.

With respect to Food security bill, Ms. Vasuki said that instead of limiting it to people below poverty line all should be covered.

Referring to acid attack on Saranya of Tiruchi, Ms. Vasuki said that she should be given all medical expenses and due relief by the Government. Ms. Vasuki said that though the guilty is punished in such cases, future of the victim is affected. Victims have to spend lot of amount for plastic surgery etc. In such a situation Government should help them in their rehabilitation.

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