Aided College Teachers’ Association (ACTA) has urged the State government to promptly ensure appointment of faculties in vacant positions in universities for the welfare of students. Despite completion of one year after admission of students and commencement of classes, vacancies remain unfilled, secretary of ACTA’s Bharathidasan University coordination council S. Sahaya Sathish said in a release.

Likewise, qualified candidates must be appointed to vacant positions in aided colleges as indicated by higher education department. The release called upon Bharathidasan University and the State government to designate guest lecturers in constituent colleges and government colleges as assistant professors, and accord permanency to their posts with UGC scale of pay.

Conduct of training programmes for chairpersons of boards of studies by Bharathidasan University was appreciable, the release said, and advocated fixation of adequate remuneration for PG board chairman in Bharathidasan University, based on the practice in vogue in aided colleges.