The comedy drama narrates the sequences leading to the marriage of a rich business man’s daughter with her uncle’s son.

Chennai-based Sri Sathyasai Creations presented the play ‘Comedy Kalyanam’ under the auspices of the Rasika Ranjana Sabha at the Sabha’s FGN Hall in the city on Tuesday. Well-known comedian ‘Mapillai’ Ganesh plays the lead role and was is also in-charge of direction. ‘Ezhichur’ Aravindan had penned the script and dialogues and Rajee Ganesh handles production.

The comedy drama narrates the sequences leading to the marriage of a rich silk sari business man’s daughter with her uncle’s son.Panchu (Shanmugasundaram), the rich silk sari businessman, has a daughter, Krishnaveni (Srilakshmi). Krishnaveni wants to fulfil her dead mother’s wish of marrying her maternal uncle’s son. But due to previous enmity, uncle Sengalvarayan (Sai Ramesh) has resolved not to have any connections with Panchu’s family.

A wedding contractor cum cook, Arunachalam (Mapillai Ganesh) assists in bringing together the two families. Meanwhile Panchu is planning to marry off his daughter to a US bridegroom, through a marriage broker Rishi (M.S.Ganesh). This comes handy for Arunachalam and Krishnaveni to spin a plot of bringing village-based relatives in the place of US-based grooms family .

What follows is rip roaring comedy of errors being managed aptly by the cook. Adding to all the confusion is the presence of Panchu’s father, Gnanasmbandam (Vasanthakumar) who has short-term memory loss.

There is also a thief (Prabhu) who plays the role of elder brother. But the arrival of the marriage broker to clear up things ends in the unmasking of the villagers.

Later cook Arunachalam and the bride Krishnaveni join together to unravel the truth and said that they had enacted the drama with the help of the villagers only to convince him.

Krishnaveni informs her father that her late mother had personally requested her to marry her uncle’s son and she was only fulfilling her mother’s wishes. When Panchu, was still not convinced, she informs him that she will stay with him throughout his life without marrying anybody.

This brings the needed change in the heart of Panchu, who agrees for the marriage, much to the delight of every one. However, he finds fault with the cook for interfering in their personal affairs.

But Arunachalam justifies that he has spent so many years in the house and did everything in the interest of keeping the family united.

The play was throughout a comical entertainment and made the viewers to relax and enjoy.

The theme of the drama is to caution the people who were always on the look out for foreign grooms and go to any extent for the same. On many occasions, such marriages end up in mess, forcing the relatives of the bride to run to police stations and courts to get justice.

The ‘Comedy Kalyanam’ has proved a big hit of late and has been staged 50 shows across the country, including in centres like New Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. In Tamil Nadu, it has been staged in all the major cities and towns, says Mapillai Ganesh. Madurai Kannan was in charge of scene set, Daniel, makeup, and Kalaivanar Kicha, light and sound.