Without knowing identity of the victim, police cannot trace the offenders, writes R. Rajaram

Unable to establish the identity of the deceased, investigators are yet to make a headway in some murder cases reported in Tiruchi, Pudukottai, and Karur districts.

Although the police could achieve breakthrough in many murders this year, five cases continue to pose a challenge to them because the victims have not been identified.

All efforts to establish the identity of the victims have been in vain.

This has made it difficult for establishing the motive behind the grave offences and thus the culprits remain unknown.

Of the five murders, two were reported in Lalgudi and Kollidam police station limits falling within Tiruchi Rural and one in Woraiyur station jurisdiction coming under the City Police.

Two other murders were committed in Gandarvakottai and Velliyanai police station limits in Pudukottai and Karur districts respectively.

The victims in three cases were women.

The murders at Lalgudi and Kollidam police station limits were reported on the same day – June 3.

The bodies in all the five cases were noticed in public places and in three instances they were found in a burnt state.

In the Lalgudi case, the woman’s neck was slashed and the body found on a pathway leading to a burial ground at K.V. Pettai village. In the Kollidam case, the man was found murdered along the south bank of Aiyyan vaikkal.

In the Woraiyur case, the victim’s body was charred and found on the dry bed of water body at Linga Nagar in mid-April.

The victims in the murder cases probed by the Velliyanai and Gandarvakottai police were women whose bodies bore burns in late January and early April respectively.

Establishing motive

Knowing the identity of the victim is crucial to know the motive behind the crime which makes it easier to trace the offender. Without establishing the identity of the victim, the investigators are groping in the dark. In their bid to establish the identity of the victims, the investigators circulated the victims’ photographs to the media for publishing.

Furthermore, the photographs were circulated at the village level besides sending them to the State crime records bureau in Chennai.

As part of their probe, the investigators tallied the murdered victims’ photographs with the missing cases. Yet, all these efforts had come to a naught not leading the investigators anywhere near in establishing the identity of the victims till now.

In the Gandarvakottai and Velliyanai cases too, no breakthrough could be achieved till date, said the police sources. The skull of the victim in the Gandarvakottai case had been preserved to carry out the probe.

Despite the absence of tangible clues, police sources say sincere efforts were being pursued to establish the identity of the murdered victims so as to achieve breakthrough.