After a day-long counselling for transfer of higher secondary school headmasters on Monday, Chief Educational Officer K. Selvakumar issued transfer orders to 13 school heads.

There were 25 applicants for 17 vacancies in schools spread over the revenue district encompassing the educational districts of Tiruchi, Musiri and Lalgudi.

The 12 remaining headmasters did not find any of the remaining four vacancies.

Of the three applicants for transfer to vacancies in other districts, two headmasters received the transfer order.

Station seniority would apply to headmasters who serve in a particular school for a minimum of three years.

Usually, headmasters would intend to get shifted from postings in remote locations to schools nearer to the city and the surrounding towns.

The transfer counselling would be followed by a similar process for promoting high school headmasters and postgraduate teachers as higher secondary school heads.

Likewise, counselling for transfer of primary teachers to vacancies arising in schools within a panchayat union, and for their transfer to vacancies across panchayat unions would be conducted shortly, official sources said.