The Rs.7-lakh biogas plant being set up at the prison can process up to 400 kg of waste.

As the city is taking up activities at various levels to solve the escalating solid waste management problem, the Women’s Prison at Attakulangara is not staying behind. From setting up a new biogas plant to starting paper bag making, the inmates and the authorities of the jail are playing their role to tackle the mounting problem.

The Rs.7-lakh biogas plant being set up at the prison can process up to 400 kg of waste. The work on the plant is expected to be completed in two months.

Project official Sajith Varma said the plant could produce up to 10 kg equivalent LPG. “Since we have the fixed dome type plant, it does not create any type of pollution and it can also process liquid waste. The maintenance cost is also very low compared to other plants,” he said.

“Inmates of the prison have also joined in the fight against plastic waste with the rest of the city residents. A five-day training on paper bag making was held for the inmates. We will start the work as soon as the funds are released,” Jail Superintendent Nazeera Beevi said.

According to Ms. Beevi, a number of products made at the jail such as soaps, dish cleaners, floor washers are in good demand and regular sales are made through the jail canteen.

Going green

The well-nurtured vegetable garden in the jail compound will turn completely organic soon. The Centre for Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development (C-Sted) will offer one-month special training in organic manure making, vermin-composting, etc., to the inmates. C.Sted will also impart training in seed and nursery management.

According to C-Sted Director K.V. Mohammed Kunhi, the training would provide an opportunity to the inmates to start something on their own once they return to normal life.

C-Sted is selling 35 products manufactured under small-scale units under the banner of ‘Oruma’. Most of them produce cotton bags, garments, artificial flowers, umbrellas, stationery, and fancy articles. Once the work starts, possibilities of marketing the jail products would be explored, Mr. Kunhi said.