First nomination in district by SUCI(C) candidate

The first set of nominations for the April 10 Lok Sabha polls in the Thiruvananthapuram constituency came from the Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) [SUCI(C)] here on Saturday.

The SUCI’s candidate for the capital constituency was Shajar Khan, who filed his nomination before District Collector and District Electoral Officer (DEO) Biju Prabhakar at the Collectorate here.

Mr. Prabhakar, meanwhile, issued a set of directives to be followed by candidates and political parties for the campaign. Permission should be taken from the police to organise public meetings and processions.


Candidates and political parties were warned against any campaign that could trigger caste, religious, or linguistic tensions.

Sanction must be procured from the DEO for campaign vehicles.

Permit norms

They should bear the name of the candidate and registration number prominently and should not travel beyond the limits mentioned in the permit.

A vehicle sanctioned for use by one candidate should not be used by another one. This would attract punishment under the Indian Penal Code.

Hoardings, banners and posters should be put up on privately owned places only with permission from the owner and after informing the DEO. Parties and candidates should try to avoid plastic and polythene while making banners.


Mr. Prabhakar said that though accommodation facilities of the government could be used during the elections, there were stringent rules barring their use for campaign. Government guesthouses should not be used for unofficial meetings of political parties. Circuit house, desk houses etc. could be used for accommodating candidates or parties. However, there were restrictions on the number of vehicles allowed inside the compound. No person would be allowed a room for more than 48 hours. Government accommodation would become out of bounds 48 hours before polling, the Collector’s statement said.

The Collector would convene a meeting of printing press, flex printing, and studio owners on March 17 at the Collectorate in connection with the poll code of conduct for them.